US Money Reserve Completes Fancy New Website

US Money Reserve has so many products to choose from in their precious metals inventory that they decided it was time to make them even more visible for their customers. They had their website renovated to make it easier for all devices to navigate, and now both Apple and Android mobile devices and tablets can see a full range of products, information and photo galleries.

Users can see all the bullion in the catalogue and can locate specific information on getting started investing. US Money Reserve President Philip N. Diehl also has a foreword to newcomers in which he explains a little about what the company is about.

US Money Reserve is the largest privately-owned precious metals distributor in the nation and it’s built a solid reputation in customer service and providing great education about precious metal investing. The US national debt has been a point of concern for economists everywhere and with many currencies facing devaluation and national markets having uncertainty, many experts say buying precious metals is a great idea right now.

US Money Reserve sells gold and silver in all kinds of forms from commemorative coins of high value, to bricks, and basic coins of lower denominations. But all the coins are recognized as legal tender and can be used to make purchases.

Philip N. Diehl has contributed a lot as president since joining US Money Reserve. His experience in the industry began as former US Mint Director appointed by former President Bill Clinton in 1993.

Diehl took the US Mint from the hundreds of millions in profits to over $2 billion with the programs he enacted as director, and taxpayers saw large returns during his tenure. He was responsible for the 50 States Quarters and Sacagawea gold dollar initiatives, and he also turned the US Mint’s website into a high quality ecommerce platform.

PR Newswire states that US Money Reserve has sought to help customers turn existing portfolios into gold and silver-backed investments that also include IRAs. IRAs can be transferred even before the date they mature and US Money Reserve has advanced information on how to transfer the funds with their IRA kit.

There is a lot of other information on getting started investing in precious metals, and the company uses Client-Connect Advantage software to make the process even simpler. To find out if precious metal investments are right for you, you can visit
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