Wessex Journals: The Importance of Cultural Heritage

The Wessex journal called the International Journal of Heritage Architecture is an informative read. What makes it so significant its attention to the area of cultural heritage. For the sake of humanity, cultural heritage is something that needs to be taken more seriously. It is important we preserve things such as the Stonehenge, the pyramids of Egypt, the Mayan ruins, and so forth. These historic places and sights contain important information about our past and serve as a reminder about human civilization.

The contributions made by other cultures are indeed noteworthy. In fact, we inherited a series of mannerisms from these places. This also includes how modern day structures are built. Whether directly or indirectly, these places had an impact in our lives. Presently, many historic sites are facing the possibility of being destroyed. Unfortunately, war has already taken away many new historic places. Collectively, humanity needs to address their importance.

How Customers Can Have a Stress Free Time Shopping At Roberto Santiago’s Mall

Many people understand that shopping can be stressful for people. As a matter of fact, the stress factor can be one of the factors that can cause people to stay away from the mall. Among the things that people hate having to put up with is fighting through the crowds. This is especially frustrating for people that are on a mission in the midst of people that are wandering the mall at their leisure. Fortunately, there are many things that people can do in order to avoid these kind of stresses when shopping at Manaira Shopping.

One of the ways that people can manage their stress when it comes to shopping at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is to go to the mall at a day and time when it is not as busy. This could be in the middle of a weekday. Many people are at work trying to make money for the weekend. One of the advantages to this is that it is easier to go to the intended spot and buy the products that one is looking for. This is very effective for people that have very little time to do what they need to do for themselves or anyone else. Read more https://noticias.terra.com.br/dino/o-empresario-roberto-santiago-aposta-em-opcoes-de-diversao-e-lazer-na-capital-joao-pessoa,e09ef288deaa3d300d489b02fd39d65dqaqt790n.html

For those that are unable to go to the mall during the weekdays, there are times when one can go in order to make sure that they are getting the least stressful experience possible. For instance, one can go either in the morning when the mall has just opened or at night when the mall is getting ready to close. Otherwise, one can decide to put aside a lot of time in order to make sure that they can get the experience that they want from their shopping experience.

There are plenty of ways for people to reduce the amount of stress that they have at Manaira Shopping mall. One of the best advantages to Manaira Shopping is that it has a lot of space so that people will not feel too much congestion as they walk through the mall. The different types of stores make it easier for people to actually to walk through because of the different interests of people in the mall. Visit mundodomarketing.com to read more.

Ken Goodgame = Business Acumen

Kenneth Goodgame is an executive in retail merchandising, which also means he is an expert in marketing, sales, and many other phases of making a business very profitable. Mr. Goodgame has over fifteen years experience in manufacturing and more than 15 years experience in retail. All of this experience allows Mr. Goodgame the stealth to navigate any challenges that may present themselves in today’s quickly changing markets.

Kenneth Goodgame is a graduate of Tennessee University, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing. He accepted a position with Proprietary Brands and became their Director. While there, in 1999, he is renowned for the first time, never done before John Deere deal that was to have a nation-wide reach. He has also proceeded to use his talents for other businesses such as Rubbermaid, Ace Hardware, and others, proving that good leadership allows for growth within a business.

Mr. Goodgame went on to work his magic with True Value Company (Truserv Corp.), where he served as Senior Vice-President and Chief Merchandising Officer. Ken also specializes in many other business practices, including Brand creation and identification, developing and marketing new products, planning product promotions and sales. He also believes there should be a quicker way to get new industry, and True Value products, into the stores.

Kenneth Goodgame was a Senior Merchandising Manager for Black and Decker for nine years, Product Merchandise Manager of Garden Hard lines, with Home Depot, for five years, then spent another two years with Home Depot as Director of Proprietary Brands. While still with Home Depot, Mr. Goodgame moved up to Senior Global Product Merchant. Kenneth then spent two years as President of Rubbermaid Cleaning Products, a line of Newell Rubbermaid. The annual sales came to around $170 million. He introduced Pro Plus tools and cleaning products to Walmart, realizing over $50 million in sales during the first year. In 2004, Goodgame became President of BenzOmatic, which is a branch of Newell Rubbermaid. BenzOmatic realized sales of approximately $150 million. Mr. Goodgame also became President of Baha Motorsports and General Merchandise Manager with Ace Hardware.

IT Staffing Firm Diversant is Best In Class with their Principal Executive John Goullet

Diversant is the largest African-American owned IT staffing firm in the U.S and is nationally-certified as a Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE). With a first hand level of comprehension of the challenges of diversity in the corporate world, the owners and staff of Diversant works diligently towards pioneering unique programs that empower and transform businesses into diverse environments. Their efforts help workplace candidates become creative thinkers who are innovative in developing creative solutions while leveraging their competitive advantages to secure prominent positions.

Gene C. Waddy, the owner of Diversant, is a well-respected entrepreneur with an extensive IT background. Waddy is also very involved in the community. As a member of the first African-American fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha, he has served very actively in sponsored community events. In addition, Waddy is active in the inner city community, working hands on with the minority youth as a community coach. With the inspiration and motivation that comes from working hands on with the impoverished, Waddy has drawn from these experiences in order to transform the IT corporate world into a business sector that is inviting for those youth that may advance to pursue a career in that field one day.

The Principal Executive, John Goullett, is also a successful entrepreneur, having served as the leader of several highly successful IT business ventures. Mr. Goullet worked in leading positions at The Constell Group, Computer Sciences Corp., Cap Gemini America, 3d Information Services, and TSR Consultants. With those impressive accolades, Goulett moved on to found his own company. In 1994, he became the Chief Executive Officer of Info Technologies, Inc after working as a Computer Consultant and then being promoted to an IT staffing account executive position. During his tenure at Info Technologies, Inc, Goullett focused on learning the inner workings and hiring needs of the IT community while understanding the personalities, work style and skill sets of his consultants. By assembling thee two together, he has been able to expand Info Technologies, Inc, within five years into one of fastest growing private companies, as recognized by Inc Magazine twice.

Since the start of his employment at Diversant in 2010, Goullett has worked closely with Waddy as the company’s Chairman and now Principal. Working towards meeting the needs of their colleagues as well as the communities they aim to serve, Goulett is dedicated towards the promotion of diversity in the candidate pool as well as throughout the IT corporate workplace. His “Best-In-Class” methodologies have helped solve critical dilemmas rather than further the continuation of supplying a simple commodity.

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