Simplicity Is Important For Events

While events are fun to attend, they can be very hard to plan. One thing that hosts are faced with when planning events is finding themselves either freezing because they don’t know just what to provide their guests, or trying too hard and making everything very complicated. Often times, this causes a lot of events to not do as well as they could’ve. One of the ways to avoid this is by getting help from event planners in NYC such as Twenty Three Layers. They can give people advice on what to do when trying to run an event. Read more:


One advice that Twenty Three Layers would give as event planner is to keep everything simple. People are not totally impressed by complication. For one thing, when they see something complicated, they may wind up feeling complicated as well. For one thing, they won’t know what to make of the design. All they see is clashes. This method of impressing people will backfire of course. Fortunately, corporate event planners in New York City know how to keep things simple. After all, the most impressive aspect of an event is not how complicated everything looks but how everything works together while looking simple.


Event planning companies in NYC like Twenty Three Layers know how to take even the most complicated themes and make them work as if they were some of the simplest themes ever. As a result, the guests will be able to enjoy themselves and not be carried away looking at how complicated everything is. After all, complication shows a lot of pressure. This is one of the reasons that it is a better idea to aim for simplicity. The guest will want to run away from a complicated looking design. The goal of parties is to enjoy oneself and think about simpler things.


Guide To Planning That Perfect Party

When it comes to planning a party things can get overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. This easy guideline is from an expert party planner. Tips to guide you through the party planning process so it goes smoothly and stress free.

To begin with start by simple planning. By this I mean stay organized and start early. One month before set date, time and place. Pick a theme and stick to I as well as your overall budget. Three weeks before mail invitations or email them and order flowers. Order extras and order party favors. Two weeks before plan menu and prepare timeline for each dish. Two days before buy groceries and bar items.

Day before pick up flowers and arrange them. Moring of chill wine and set table. Two hours before set out all pieces on buffet and set out favors. One hour before light candles, turn on music, set out snacks and get ready!

Stay organized by keeping a list that you update through the party planning process. Pick and stick to your theme. Send out your invites through the mail is always the best way so you look like you took some time inviting the guests. Offer a self serve bar so everyone can have fun mixing their own drinks. Set up a kid’s table for a family friendly fathering. Remember to stay relaxed giving yourself extra time to prepare for the arrival of guests.

I course if you want to hire professional help there’s always event planners NYC. A great event planning companies in NYC is Twenty Three Layers. Twenty Three Layers has the hottest venues, high-class catering, beautiful floral designs, talented entertainment, thoughtful photography and custom printing. Corporate event planners in NYC like Twenty Three Layers understands your vision so they will do their best to fulfill your imagination.