OSI Group Turns Flagship Europe Into A Major Meat Wholesale Company

Flagship Europe has been one of Europe’s largest meats and special ready-to-go food wholesale companies. It was recently acquired by OSI Group though CEO Russell Maddock will continue to manage the European branches of the company, but he’s tremendously excited about the addition to product inventory and an opportunity to reach even more customers from increased resources.

In addition to Flagship Europe, OSI Group is also running several other processing and distribution centers across Europe including Baho Foods which primarily serves the Netherlands and German markets.

OSI Group is currently managed by CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald who have made superb quality and safe processing methods top priorities in the company. Lavin didn’t start in the food industry, but after many years of investment banking he decided to make a change and joined OSI Group as a consultant. His knowledge prompted the owners of the company, the Kolschowsky family to make him an executive and let him buy part of the company shares. Soon he was running the company and also sat on the Board of Directors of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

OSI Group was originally known as Otto & Sons, named for Otto Kolschowsky who started the business as a butcher shop in Chicago in 1909. The company grew over the years and was highly commended for its high quality manufactured meats. It became a major supplier to US supermarkets and fast food restaurant chains including McDonalds, and soon it opened offices across Europe and Asia. OSI Group’s strong safety guidelines were also the reason it won the Globe of Honour award administered by the British Safety Council.