EOS Lip Balm Are The Best In The Business

EOS Lip Balm is known for their work in the world of quality lip balm in an industry that otherwise would not bother caring about providing customers with quality lip balm. EOS decides that this was the industry they should be in because they know how to create something of quality to their clients. EOS Lip Balm was made several years ago by three different people; two of which were experts in the world of startups. They knew that they would succeed by simply knowing how to provide a legitimate product, https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos. They came up with their sphere lip balms that have now changed the way people use chapstick.

Struggling to get their product into stores, they struggled on reaching the demands of several men who were gatekeepers for so many different companies. They couldn’t get to the core of their needs, and so when they spoke to a woman who worked for Walgreens and she loved the product idea, they succeeded and got put into all of their stores simply because she loved the genuine idea. EOS finally reached stores like Target, Amazon, Walmart, and EBay, and got put into every single one of their stores.

Some people don’t even know how the company really shot up in fame and respect, and it all happened because they used different influencers to join in. Through the help of those influencers, they accomplished so much growth and brought their business to new levels. They were able to reach their targeted demographic of the 25-35 year old women. And not only that, but even huge celebrities were getting these products into the tabloids which was what the business needed. There are so many different people who have used this brand to see results, and it’s amazing what has already happened in terms of how far the company has gone already.