Targeting a Bigger Audience, with Justin Brown and his Company Brown Agency

In Austin, Texas, you’ve probably come across the much known company called Brown Agency, a fashion enterprise that has so many times defined what the world of “fashion” means around the world.

With a focus on providing print models that are used around the globe as patterns and standards for the definition of beauty and modernity, the Brown Agency is at least one of the biggest corporations in the market of America, considering their reach and influence to other regions like Brazil and parts of Europe.

Dell, Loreal, almost 80% of the national perfume companies, C&C, many corporations utilize the services of Brown Agency to increase their reach to their client base and help improve their image.

By providing photographers who have professional record and amazing skills, image manipulation experts who have many years of experience, market strategists who understand the importance of a good image, there are many services being offered.

The group is a fairly new company, being born in 2010 and founded by the fashion expert Justin Brown, who is now the entrepreneur entitled with the position of President of the corporation.

The family is very big now, surpassing the 200 employees milestone, which is a huge consideration since the enterprise is about to make its 7th anniversary in 2017.

According to Justin Brown, the business did very well because of their honesty and dedication. They understand that talent surpasses the market, and by hiring a special team of people with all kinds of knowledge and expertise, they are leading the local fashion design field as big sharks.

While it is true that the fashion industry is very rough in the U.S., the company being raised first in Austin was a relief because it could’ve been a much harder reality. By the time the enterprise was already targeting a bigger audience in their country, the Brown Agency family was already experienced with the local industry.

Justin Brown was already experienced with being an entrepreneur. He was the owner of Wilhelmina Brown before it turned into Brown Agency, the lifetime investment of the businessman. He has been in the field for quite some time, and if the company was successful during their first few years in the fashion market, that means the worst part has already gone and the experience needed was already obtained. What does that mean? Brown Agency is a name to acknowledge, as it is probable that the company will be more prevalent than ever in a few years from now.

The fashion world is pretty much defined by brands who control the experienced public’s approval, and that defines the next trend in the industry. With a team that is dedicated in providing one of the best photogrpahy and image manipulation services in the market, it will definitely be International in the future.

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