Cotemar, Leading Industry Providers For The Oil And Gas Industry

In 1979, Cotemar began services for the oil industry. Today, nearly 40 years later coat Mar is an industry leader in the oil and energy sector when it comes to providing services. From maritime operations to construction, maintenance, and more Cotemar focuses on bringing the modern world to these industries. Oil field development depends on many different aspects. Food and accommodation are major areas for offshore oilfield development.


Working For Cotemar Is As Awesome As Working With Them

Cotemar specializes in this field as an industry leader. A combination of motivated successful individuals supported by Cutting Edge industry technology implemented together has helped Cotemar be successful from the start. With an estimated 1253 employees, Cotemar retains long-term employment helping to build even stronger client relationships with Cotemar. Working With An Industry Leader

  • Long employee retention averaging 7 years or better
  • Work with cutting edge technology
  • Competitive salary in a growing sector
  • Great benefits


Offshore oil and gas operation are vital to our way of life today. Having the tools necessary to make these operations run smoothly and flawlessly is critically important to not only success but life as we know it. When you’re looking for a team to help lead the way or to become a part of, Cotemar is there waiting to help you excel.


Cotemar is a company supported by dedicated employees, cutting-edge technology, and the latest generation of vessels to help implement their work ethic and technology for your offshore oil production you’ve found it. Leaders in the oil and gas industry since 1979, Cotemar knows that you don’t build a reputation overnight. Instead, you build one over life. over the life of clients and companies by being there through the years for them to count on. Cotemar knows this and promises you can count on Cotemar.