Keeping Up With Everyday Events With Securus

When parents are in jail, they often miss the everyday events in the lives of their children. Securus is a company that is known for offering phone call services to inmates. The company also offers video calls to some locations across the country. The system is easy to use as long as the recipient has computer access. When the call is made, the inmate and the other person can see each other like you would on a normal web cam.

This is an important step for parents who are inmates. When they are able to use the Securus video calling system, they can see the smiles on the faces of their children. A father can see his baby. He can see the baby take her first steps and blow kisses to the child so that the child knows the parent is there in some way.

Children can show parents the pets that they have and the things that they do while outside. There are many events that go on in the lives of children that parents who are inmates miss, but with the video calling from Securus, they can be right back in the home once again until they are able to physically be back with the family.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.