Wild Ark

Wild Ark has an important mission. They began by identifying the worlds green belts so they could protect the biodiversity of these areas and conserve the wildlife. Their experience and research gives people the ability to reconnect with nature and become passionate regarding its protection.


A team of conservationists created Wild Ark to educate individuals about the wild and help make certain future generations can enjoy our planet. They put the protection of our planet first. Sophie and Mark Hutchinson founded the company and have concerns regarding the perils so many of the wild places in the world are facing. Their efforts are making a difference.


There are many destinations that are both centered on conservation and eco-minded. The Alaskan Sportsman’s Lodge is a fishing lodge in the center of the Bristol Bay region. The trip down the Kvichak River to Lake Iliamna is filled with crystal clear waters and majestic views. They do not have a set schedule and their guiding fishing is flexible and unlimited. The choices are incredible and range from fly-out fishing to fishing in the Kvichak to float trips. This is a destination definitely worth visiting.


Another amazing destination is an African safari. These tours are privately guided and considered luxury safaris. You can explore East Africa’s wilds and the Indian Ocean with adventure, wildlife encounters and cultural exchanges that are extroidianary. You will learn how critical conserving our heritage is and the importance of future generations being able to enjoy the natural world. The destinations are exciting, intriguing and will always be remembered.


A safari in Africa with a mobile tent lets you see Africa the same way the early explorers did. The camps are set up in areas filled with wilderness and nowhere near any crowds. This is the perfect setting to truly appreciate and enjoy nature. There are experiences offered in Botswana including Chobe National Park, Victoria Falls and Okavango Delta. Take the time to visit the best locations for four to thirteen days. These areas are spectacular and packed with the intimacy of nature.

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