Eva Moskowitz Changing the Education Landscape for the Better

Eva Moskowitz is the founder and CEO of the Success Academy Charter Schools based out of New York City. These charter schools were designed after Moskowitz herself grew up in the Morningside Heights neighborhood in Manhattan while attending Stuyvesant High School. Moskowitz was utterly shocked that at least half of the teachers at this school during her years there were essentially clueless and had no idea what they were doing teaching students of her age. Moreover, Moskowitz says there was rampant cheating by students, and instead of stopping it the principal covered up for them instead of stopping it!


Moskowitz felt that she hardly learned a thing while attending that school, and realized that likely many other students felt the exact same way as she did at high schools across the city.


Eva Moskowitz began her professional career teaching women’s history at University of Virginia as a visiting professor of communications and mass culture during the 1989-1990 school year before moving to Vanderbilt University to teach from 1992-1993. Then came the City University of New York from 1994-1995. Finally, Moskowitz took the chair for the faculty seminar at Columbia University from 1996-1999.


All of this experience prepared Eva Moskowitz for her experience of launching the charter school in the Upper East Side which would go on to be called Success Academy. Moskowitz wanted to remove the area’s children from the poor school system that was in place to one that was better suited to give them the education they deserved. Even the best students in the city were in the worst schools despite living in a wealthy area. Eva Moskowitz started the Success Academy to offer students a better alternative, and to begin to change the New York City public school system landscape one child and a new school at a time!

Wessex Journals: The Importance of Cultural Heritage

The Wessex journal called the International Journal of Heritage Architecture is an informative read. What makes it so significant its attention to the area of cultural heritage. For the sake of humanity, cultural heritage is something that needs to be taken more seriously. It is important we preserve things such as the Stonehenge, the pyramids of Egypt, the Mayan ruins, and so forth. These historic places and sights contain important information about our past and serve as a reminder about human civilization.

The contributions made by other cultures are indeed noteworthy. In fact, we inherited a series of mannerisms from these places. This also includes how modern day structures are built. Whether directly or indirectly, these places had an impact in our lives. Presently, many historic sites are facing the possibility of being destroyed. Unfortunately, war has already taken away many new historic places. Collectively, humanity needs to address their importance.

Great Langerie Boutique Honey Birdette is Spreading to UK

There is an Australian lingerie brand that is making huge worldwide success because of its quality of fabric, variety, and, more importantly, advertising. The name of the brand is Honey Birdette, illustrating the focus of the clothing in making the wearer look cute and soft like honey, but as deadly as the sting of a bee.

The progress of Honey Birdette has been fantastic throughout the last couple of years. The company, which is Australia’s first sensuality boutique, sells Lingerie, Bras, Thongs, Knickers, all kinds of sexual apparels that help stand out the beauty of a woman. Even toys are included, and they are guaranteed to put an extra spice in the relationship.

Founded in Brisbane by the apparels specialist and businesswoman Eloise Monaghan, the brand has been on the market since 2006, when it was first created and started its business plans. Being headquartered in Australia, the company already has more than fifty stores in the country, and it is one of the most prevalent lingerie brands in the continent, basically controlling the market because of their exceptional marketing and variety of quality clothing.

Over the past year and a bit of early 2016, the company saw a 374% increase in the online sales around the United States, is a tremendous achievement that only happens to business owners that innovate and offer a product that no other business in the market is offering.

With that massive increase in sales, Eloise Monaghan announced with the administration team that, from mid-2017 until early 2018, the company would increase their British retail portfolio from the already available three stores to forty. Among the places in the UK that were chosen for the local stores, those who were revealed, include Westfield Stratford, Leeds, and Liverpool. The female British communities will have much more stores by the end of the year for them to have lingerie options of a wide variety.

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Jeremy Goldstein – Reputed Lawyer and Merger and Acquisition Expert in New York

People who are hiring a lawyer for the first time are always faced with the dilemma of who to hire. There are many lawyers out there, and finding the right one can make a lot of difference. It is because of this reason, the New York State Bar Association’s wing named Lawyer Referral and Information Service have recently launched a new online site. The new online portal helps the people to find the lawyer with ease as per their case. It is a streamlined service that helps the people facing any legal issue to find a verified lawyer with good legal standing with ease.



The people can be confident that the lawyer they are matched with are verified and are well-reviewed as they are screened before being matched. The clients looking for a lawyer can log on to the online portal and fill an online questionnaire, where they would fill in the required personal details as well as briefly discuss what the case is about. It is with this information that the staffs at New York State Bar Association match the appropriate lawyer as per the case.



One of the most well-known lawyers in New York State is Jeremy Goldstein, who has years of experience in handling variety of litigation case in the state. He is the partner at Jeremy Goldstein & Associates, LLC presently and is famously known for his expertise in advising compensation committees, corporate governance, executive compensation matters, mergers and acquisitions, and more. Jeremy Goldstein has worked with leading law firms in the past, which includes Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz. Jeremy Goldstein has played a significant role in the merger and acquisitions of Duke Energy with Progress Energy and The Dow Chemical Company with Rohm, and more. Jeremy Goldstein has Juris Doctor Degree from the New York University School of Law.

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Goldstein and Associates discuss Short-Termism, Performance Goals and Executive Compensation



EOS: Changing the Lip Balm Game Forever

EOS broke the mold of tradition lips balms with a wide variety of flavors, mostly natural ingredients, and unique packaging. Over the last seven years, they have become one of the most popular lip care brands on the market with everyone from celebrities to teenagers obsessing over them. The founders EOS (Evolution of Smooth) have a unique strategy for how they created a $250 million company that rival Burt’s Bees, Chapstick, and Blistex. In fact, they are the second best-selling lip care company and they are newest to the market. This is quite an impressive accomplishment. https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/startup-report/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick

Sanjiv Moehra, cofounder and managing partner of EOS lip balm, says the major strategy for success for EOS was creating a lip care line that was distinguishable from a product that hadn’t really evolved any from its creation 100 years ago. EOS also tried to reinvent lip balm as a beauty staple. They appealed to young women that their product was fun and innovative. They had a lip product for everyone’s’ tastes and preferences. One of the biggest innovations was changing the shape of the packaging. Iconic EOS lip balms come in egg shaped containers. They wanted the act of applying lip balm to truly be an experience for all five senses. EOS lip balm products are available on local Wal-Mart and Target store nationwide.

Wild Ark

Wild Ark has an important mission. They began by identifying the worlds green belts so they could protect the biodiversity of these areas and conserve the wildlife. Their experience and research gives people the ability to reconnect with nature and become passionate regarding its protection.


A team of conservationists created Wild Ark to educate individuals about the wild and help make certain future generations can enjoy our planet. They put the protection of our planet first. Sophie and Mark Hutchinson founded the company and have concerns regarding the perils so many of the wild places in the world are facing. Their efforts are making a difference.


There are many destinations that are both centered on conservation and eco-minded. The Alaskan Sportsman’s Lodge is a fishing lodge in the center of the Bristol Bay region. The trip down the Kvichak River to Lake Iliamna is filled with crystal clear waters and majestic views. They do not have a set schedule and their guiding fishing is flexible and unlimited. The choices are incredible and range from fly-out fishing to fishing in the Kvichak to float trips. This is a destination definitely worth visiting.


Another amazing destination is an African safari. These tours are privately guided and considered luxury safaris. You can explore East Africa’s wilds and the Indian Ocean with adventure, wildlife encounters and cultural exchanges that are extroidianary. You will learn how critical conserving our heritage is and the importance of future generations being able to enjoy the natural world. The destinations are exciting, intriguing and will always be remembered.


A safari in Africa with a mobile tent lets you see Africa the same way the early explorers did. The camps are set up in areas filled with wilderness and nowhere near any crowds. This is the perfect setting to truly appreciate and enjoy nature. There are experiences offered in Botswana including Chobe National Park, Victoria Falls and Okavango Delta. Take the time to visit the best locations for four to thirteen days. These areas are spectacular and packed with the intimacy of nature.

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Alexandre Gama: Getting Expert Help With Your Advertising Campaign

Are you launching a new product or service? Need expert guidance to reach your audience?

Getting into business promotions is not something to handle lightly. You need to consult with a renowned advertising professional to help ensure your success. Alexandre Gama can help you with your marketing and advertising needs.

Online advertising platforms are many, and a knowledgeable advertising professional can guide you properly in choosing the right platform for your needs. There are different types of advertising systems or resources that can be employed to reach your goal.

Alexandre Gama is a well respected professional and he has the resources to help you reach your potential customers. Alexandre Gama provides advertising help to organizations, institutions, corporations, entrepreneurs and other marketers who are looking for reliable advice and guidance regarding advertising.

Alexandre Gama comes highly recommended in the industry and is available and ready to help you.


Perhaps the 49’ers get Garrett?

There is a full slate of MLB lineups to review prior to tonight’s action, yet most will have their eyes glued to the NFL draft which commences today through Saturday. There is a lot of intrigue as the teams at the top of the first round mull over what player best fits their needs. The San Francisco Forty-Niners will select second and will attempt to upgrade at the quarterback, cornerback, wide receiver, inside linebacker, and safety. Brian Hoyer, formerly of the Chicago Bears, was signed on during free agency and is pegged to get the nod in week one. Yet one would have to believe he is their long term back up option. New head coach Kyle Shanahan and General Manager John Lynch will likely decide whether or not to bring in Mitchell Trubisky or hold out until next year and pay free agent Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins.


The Forty-Niners could have Myles Garrett fall into their lap if the Browns choose to draft Trubisky with the first pick of the draft. This would be the best fit as the Forty-Niners could pair Garrett with last year’s first round selection DeForest Buckner to create a formidable pass rushing tandem. If Garrett is selected by the Browns, most feel defensive end Solomon Thomas of Stanford will be the Forty-Niner pick. Thomas and Buckner could total 20 sacks which would assist in obtaining better field position for the offense. Continue to double back to Fantasy Alarm for fantasy sports news updates and daily player recommendations.


The Passion Of Whitney Wolfe For Dating Has Brought Her A Lot of Success

One of the most important factors to the success of any business person in any industry is passion. In order for someone to have the best chance in succeeding in any industry that she gets in, she has to be passionate about this industry. This passion is what gets her to do the research and even take note of any observations according to her experience with the topic.

In the case of Whitney Wolfe, her passion is dating. This is actually a good passion to have in that it is easy to see why one would be passionate about dating.

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For one thing, dating and romance are one of the most exciting things in life. For one thing, a relationship starting between two people that are very happy with one another is one of the most exciting experiences for people. However, very few people are able to experience this easily. People try dating in the outside world, and online. However, they are left with disappointment in the experience. The online dating world does not do much to help people. This is why Wolfe has decided to make a few changes with her own app called Bumble. She was very passionate about bringing forth a better experience for people in the dating world.

Wolfe is so passionate about dating that she is willing to share information on the topic. She has gone on interviews and have even written about dating. Among the things that she has talked about are the issues that people are faced with in dating. She has also talked about what she has done in order to address the issues so that people will have an easier time with dating. Whitney Wolfe has experienced success with dating and wants other people to have that same experience with dating.

Find more about Whitney Wolfe: http://www.texasmonthly.com/the-daily-post/whitney-wolfe-future-connections/

Business Owners Use Free Publicity To Bring in Sales To Fabletics

For business success, one of the best things to do is find ways to make sure that they are being as wise with their budget as possible. One thing that needs to be considered is that one is only going to have a limited amount of money to put towards marketing. Therefore, they have to make sure that they are getting the most publicity that they can for their company for the money that they spend. Therefore, it is important for one to get free publicity whenever they can. This often includes reviews from the company. Some people can also get regular reviews of their company.


Fabletics has managed to get some of the publicity for free. There are people that have become loyal customers to the company. They often order products and review them. Another thing they do is wait on the free products that are sent to them as a reward for their membership. There is at least one blogger that writes monthly reviews on an outfit that they get from Fabletics. The review talks about how durable the product are. This gives Fabletics the publicity it needs in order to continue providing services for the customers.


Another form of free publicity in reviews goes in depth about the company from the perspective of the customer. After all, the customer can read a lot about what a company has to say about itself. However, they want to know about the company through the eyes of the customer because they have proven to be a more accurate representation of the company. Therefore, reviews are a way for a customer to know whether or not it is a good idea to shop at the company or not. With Fabletics, they have made sure that they have thought out the products and the services they provide for their customers.


Not only did Fabletics save a lot of money with the free publicity, but they have also gained more customers which has increased the return on their investment. Therefore, they are able to put their money towards other aspects of their business which include expanding their company to different markets that are receptive. One thing that Fabletics is doing is helping people gain an interest and a sense of creativity with fashion. After all, people need to be inspired by fashion in order to find a reason to buy products that are fashionable.